Aura PYŞ B4YO Birinci VCIF

Our VCIF is a testament to our commitment to supporting the growth and success of innovative, high-potential startups. Our team of seasoned venture capitalists brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, and we are dedicated to providing strategic guidance and support to the companies in our portfolio. We are excited to work with the next generation of game-changing businesses and help them achieve their full potential. Our VCIF offers investors the opportunity to be a part of this journey and potentially realize significant financial returns.

Summary Terms

  • Fund

    Aura PYŞ B4YO Birinci GSYF

  • Regulatory Entity

    SPK (Capital Markets Board of Türkiye)

  • Target Fund Size

    Fund 1: TL 600mn

  • Targeted Number of Investments

    30 ventures (pre-seed/seed), 7-10 later stages

  • Fund Term

    7 years investment + 2 years exit period

  • Min. Investment Commitment

    TL 500,000 from Qualified Investors

  • Management Fee

    2% of the total NAV

  • Performance Fee

    20% above hurdle

  • Hurdle Rate

    BIST-KYD 1-Month TL Deposit Index

  • Target IRR $


Next Steps…

Informing Investors of account details, transferring of the investment amount and purchasing of Fund participation shares

We currently anticipate that we will invest in:


Seed/pre-seed investments

Average ticket size


Follow-up investments
for the most promising ventures

Average ticket size


Late-stage investments
in highest conviction names

Average ticket size